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Comprehensive Solution

What Is the Banyan Virtual Nursing Solution?

The Banyan Virtual Care system combines technology with Banyan-supplied 24/7 Virtual Nurses and Virtual Safety Companions to provide staffing solutions, improve patient outcomes, and enhance your bottom line. Banyan Virtual Nursing provides comprehensive services starting at the moment of patient admission through post-discharge follow-up for increased quality and efficiency.

This is an all-inclusive, end-to-end system.

How Does the Banyan Virtual Nursing System Work?

banyan bridge
  • Camera

    Dual stream camera atop TV set

  • Audio

    Built-in audio and microphone

  • Visual Indicator

    Rainbow Light always on when in use

virtual nurse from patients perspective

From Your Perspective

Banyan Virtual Nursing care is delivered to every patient room through a TV-mounted Banyan Bridge communication camera, a speaker and a microphone.

The Virtual Nurse will ask for permission before entering the room for a face-to-face interaction. The circular Rainbow Light on the camera will be on when the system is in use and off when it is not. The camera is never used for recording purposes.

nurse instructing patient through virtual system

From Our Perspective

Each Banyan Virtual Nurse is an experienced RN who oversees the care of multiple patients using three screens. The screens display the patients’ electronic medical records, a workflow tool to stay on task with the bedside teams and a dedicated screen for patient interaction.

Each Banyan Virtual Sitter can monitor nine to 12 high-risk patients. They work to prevent falls, ensure drug compliance, improve response time and provide patient and staff safety.


Designed by Nurses for Nurses

Banyan Virtual Nursing Team Provides

  • 24/7 Virtual Nursing coverage
  • Admissions
  • Plan of care
  • Patient education
  • 24-hour chart checks
  • Discharges
  • Family member conference calls

Banyan Virtual Safety Companion Provides

  • 24/7 Virtual Sitter coverage
  • Continuous falls monitoring with patient redirection
  • Environmental safety rounding
  • Staff safety monitoring

Banyan Virtual Case Management Provides

  • Seven-day coverage
  • Augmentation of onsite case managers
  • On-site case manager specialist
  • Collaboration with physician staff for discharge planning

Banyan Virtual Transitional Care Provides

  • Post-discharge follow-up for all patients
  • Follow-up for all diagnose-related groups
  • Collaboration with community case managers

Banyan Virtual Solutions Internal Innovations

  • Assistance with physician rounding
  • Interface with pharmacy services
  • Interface with pastoral care
  • Interface with wound care experts
  • Interface with infection control
  • Assistance with handoff reports

Banyan Virtual Nursing lets you coordinate clinical teams, patient care and technology like never before. It enables the sharing and validation of real-time information to execute your plan of care and elevate patient support. What makes this system so vital is that it can be used by all departments and care teams associated with each inpatient from initial admission through discharge.

department chart

Popular Applications


Medication history, discharge medication management, antibiotics stewardship, total parenteral nutrition

Mental Health Services

ED monitoring, geriatric observation

Wound Care

4x4 model, present on admission documentation


Intensivists round and respond to Virtual Nurse with hemodynamic monitoring

Virtual Nursing. Real Benefits.

Contact Banyan Medical Solutions today and see what Banyan’s expert 24/7 Virtual Nurses can do for patient outcomes and your bottom line.