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Imagine having two RNs for every patient: one on the TV screen and one at the bedside. Think about adding Virtual Sitters to your team to oversee at-risk patients. Consider how they all could work together to elevate the level of care provided at your hospital. Then add the benefits of reduced turnover, overtime, and contract labor.

That’s what you’ll get with Banyan Virtual Nursing and Virtual Sitters.

Results Driven

Virtual Nursing. Real Benefits.

Virtual Nursing Model


  • 35% reduction in RN turnover
  • 50%-75% reduction in RN overtime
  • $1M-plus savings in travel RN labor expenses


  • 100% compliance with hourly safety rounds
  • 50% improvement in call-light response time
  • 350% increase in bedside RN time administering medications
  • 22% reduction in bedside RN time spent in EMR reviewing/documenting

Virtual Sitters Model


  • 80% reduction in 1:1 Sitter costs
  • 50% reduction in patient falls
  • 100% monitoring of patients in need of 1:1 Virtual Sitters


  • Zero central line infections or hospital acquired pressure ulcers
  • 50% reduction in patient falls with injury
  • Three falls per 1,000 patient days, significantly below industry average
  • 208% improvement in quality of care with Virtual Care

Virtual Care Model


  • 20% improved communications with nurses
  • 20% improved communications with physicians
  • 62% improved communications with Virtual Provider


  • Increased frequency of direct care interactions for patients leads to reduced length of stay, improved patient satisfaction and increased overall acuity
Banyan Virtual Technology

We Make it Easier to Care

We know that every medical facility faces its own set of challenges. That’s why getting to know your unique needs is key to the Banyan Virtual Nursing implementation process. It helps us guide you through plans for workflow, staffing, training, technology and the successful management of change within your organization. After the system is in place, we continue to collaborate with you on capturing baseline metrics, optimizing processes and reporting on outcomes. These quality metrics show how well your organization is implementing solutions and adopting the process.

We help ensure your success by assessing these outcomes:

Patient Safety

Staffing Optimization

Patient Engagement

Employee satisfaction

Physician Satisfaction


Achieve Success with Banyan Virtual Nursing

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