Nursing Executives - Our Message to You:

Banyan is on a mission to provide the best next-generation medical care delivery services and telecare technology focused on improving patient outcomes and lowering the cost of healthcare for hospitals nationally. We currently enable over one-third of the nation's healthcare systems with technology that integrates systems across the enterprise, combined with high-fidelity two-way communication that harmoniously joins local hospital staff with virtual medical professionals to provide the best patient centric care, at the point of need, wherever it is required; thus driving up efficiency and improving patient health and satisfaction.

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Transforming Healthcare

AURA provides a new dimension of on-demand care in patient rooms, surgical suites, and labs.

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AURA Is The Next Step In Virtual Care And Personalized Telenursing, Expanding The Potential Of Facilities To Offer Quality Care:


Our solutions are designed by CNOs and clinicians, and focus on three critical areas: Patient progression, Cross-continuum of care coordination and Clinical variation.

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We work with your team at every step to build solutions for your specific needs, including Implementation, Training, Project Management, Staffing and more.

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Our Core Values


Delivering world-class, innovative healthcare solutions


Dedicated to client success and service by any means necessary


Providing technical and professional excellence


Honoring a tradition of reliability with no excuses