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Banyan Medical Virtual Nursing. An Immediate Solution to Your Urgent Challenges.

Virtual technology is no longer just nice to have. It lets you augment inpatient care with two RNs for every patient. Banyan Virtual Nurses collect admission data, establish care plans, provide patient education, do chart checks, coordinate discharge plans and handle post-discharge support. The program includes Virtual Sitters to increase patient safety and reduce costly falls.

Banyan Virtual Care is an end-to-end solution that includes all staffing, technology and change support. It decreases traveler costs, turnover and readmissions, while increasing revenue. These are quantifiable benefits that will make a real difference for your organization.

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Cindy Koppen
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One Solution for Your Entire Health System

Banyan Virtual Nursing solutions create value for providers and patients across the continuum of care. Results from 56,000 consults show significantly improved quality measures and clinical outcomes with our revolutionary virtual care delivery platform.

See what the CEOs, CNOs, RNs and patients have to say about the benefits of Banyan Virtual Technology.

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"The Banyan Virtual Nursing program along with the Virtual Safety Companion addresses all of our value-based purchasing goals, which helps preserve our net revenue."
- Christine Bruton, CFO, Baptist Health System, Montgomery, Alabama
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ROI Update

reports 35% drop
in RN turnover with
Banyan Virtual Nursing