The Virtual Care Platform

BANYAN is leading the way in on-demand care by providing patients, loved ones, and medical professionals with a revolutionary platform. Our Virtual Care Platform gives patients a personal experience by matching the right provider and level of engagement to improve quality of life and achieve goals without over-staffing or under-utilizing skills.

AURA is the next step in virtual care and personalized telenursing, expanding the potential of facilities to offer quality care:

Streamlining Staffing Coordination

AURA removes scheduling and workflow barriers by bringing patients and their information to providers. We eliminate delays and unnecessary red tape that often create obstacles in care coordination and response times with our revolutionary AURA platform.

Achieve Your Quality Goals

Quality is at the forefront of reimbursement. BANYAN’s AURA platform allows virtual nurses and hospitalists to become an integral part of your care team and work in tandem with your floor nurses, physicians, and staff to help you increase satisfaction and engagement of your patients.

Value-Based Care

AURA allows providers to expand coverage in a financially sustainable way. Banyan addresses coverage by decreasing the utilization of physical sitters and offering new methods of observing those at higher-risk of falling.

Reduce Core Operating Costs

BANYAN’s revolutionary approach to telehealth and telenursing decreases the financial impact of maintaining a full complement of nurses and qualified care providers while simultaneously reducing traveler expenses. AURA optimizes coverage for your patient census.

Transforming Healthcare

AURA is leading the way in on-demand care to help facilities optimize resources and stem overhead expenses. We help you truly put the patient at the center of your care at the touch of a button. Contact our offices today to learn more.

Additional Services



Our solutions are designed by CNOs and clinicians, and focus on three critical areas: Patient progression, Cross-continuum of care coordination and Clinical variation.


We work with your team at every step to build solutions for your specific needs, including Implementation, Training, Project Management, Staffing and more.

Ready to transform your healthcare delivery?

BANYAN leads the way in on-demand care. Our teleprofessionals are a button-touch away – expanding your care – yet freeing up your clinical staff to practice to the fullest extent of their education.