Unleash the Power of Banyan's End-to-End Technology: Improve staffing efficiency and patient outcomes, and boost hospital revenue
Banyan Virtual Nursing: Transforming Healthcare Begins With Innovative Technology
Getting Started

Transforming Healthcare Begins with Innovative Technology

What makes Banyan Virtual Care an end-to-end solution for hospitals? It starts by getting to know your needs so that we can provide customized workflow solutions, change management strategies and implementation plans.

Installing our Virtual Care technology is a non-disruptive process that requires approximately 30 minutes per room with minimal IT setup. Banyan’s technical support team is available around-the-clock to ensure a smooth transition and continued assistance. In addition, there is no storage or transfer of patient data, so system security is never an issue.

Our revolutionary Virtual Care platform allows for communication with patients and staff through:

  • A TV-mounted Banyan Bridge camera
  • A Rainbow Light that appears when the camera is activated
  • Built-in audio
  • A pillow microphone
Banyan's revolutionary virtual nursing and virtual care technology provides end-to-end solution for hospitals.

We’re Committed to Your Success Every Step of the Way

Banyan specialists collaborate with your healthcare team throughout the Virtual Care transition. We provide customized plans with the training and support to ensure successful and rapid implementation of the system, including:

Appropriate staffing needs

Workflow management plans

Change management & support

Case management oversight

End-to-End Care

Assisting Staff and Patients from Admittance to Post-Discharge

The Banyan Virtual Care system lets you coordinate clinical teams, patient care and technology like never before. It enables the sharing and validation of real-time information to execute your plan of care and elevate patient support. What makes this system so vital is that it can be used by all departments and care teams associated with each inpatient from initial admission through discharge and transitional care.

This coordination limits delays that can often occur in clinical environments. It improves patient care and frees your clinical team to focus more time on delivering quality care.

Virtual Registered Nurses

Banyan's End-to-End Care 1: Virtual Registered Nurses include admission, patient education, 24-hour chart checks, medication compliance, and discharge.


  • Admission
  • Patient education
  • 24-hour chart checks
  • Medication compliance
  • Discharge

Virtual Sitters

Banyan's End-to-End Care 2: Virtual Sitters include fall monitoring and reduction, safety rounding, and staff safety monitoring for combative patients or families.


  • Fall monitoring and reduction
  • Safety rounding
  • Staff safety monitoring for combative patients/family

Virtual Transitional Care

Banyan's End-to-End Care 3: Virtual Transitional Care includes transitional care services for 29 days post-discharge, and readmission reduction.


  • Transitional care services for 29 days post-discharge
  • Readmission reduction

Virtual Case Management

Banyan's End-to-End Care 3: Virtual Case Management includes case manager, social worker, case management specialists and transitional care manager.


  • Case manager
  • Social worker
  • Case management specialists
  • Transitional care manager

Virtual Intensivists

Banyan's End-to-End Care 3: Virtual Intensivists includes remote monitoring, 24/7 intensivist rounding and responding and interdisciplinary coordination.


  • Remote monitoring
  • 24/7 intensivist rounding and responding
  • Interdisciplinary coordination
Success Metrics

Quantifiable Benefits that Impact Your Bottom Line

After the system is in place, we continue to collaborate with you on capturing baseline metrics, optimizing processes and reporting on outcomes. These quality metrics show how well your organization is implementing solutions and adopting the process.

Banyan's Success Metrics: Patient Safety, Staffing Optimization, Patient Engagement, Employee Satisfaction, Physician Satisfaction and Referrals
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Provide Exceptional Care for Exceptional Results

When your nurses get the support needed to focus more time on delivering quality care, turnover decreases and satisfaction increases. When patients receive a higher level of attention from their care team, satisfaction scores improve. When all of this aligns through the Banyan Virtual Care solution, hospital revenues are elevated.

Isn’t it time to learn how Banyan Virtual Solutions can transform your delivery of healthcare?