Virtual Telenursing

Virtual Telenursing

BANYAN is revolutionizing the way we treat and monitor patients with our AURA platform. We are constantly looking at new ways to improve the quality across the continuum of care for patients, while also being mindful of costs and staffing requirements for hospitals and facilities.

What is Telenursing?

Telenursing is a branch of telehealth, where virtual and visualization systems are implemented to provide broader coverage for patients without sacrificing any of the personalized care. By creating stations or hubs, along with the proper equipment in patient rooms, delivery of service and care becomes centralized, allowing nurses to focus on what they do best. Telenursing allows for a very wide spectrum of care, including fall prevention, patient monitoring, virtual sitters for high-risk patients, and more controlled drug compliance.

Telehealth and the Bigger Picture

BANYAN offers solutions that go beyond telenursing. Our virtual staffing solutions allow teleprofessionals to provide comfort and education to patients and their loved ones, while also visualizing data at centralized stations to provide hospital staff with the information they need to give the highest quality of care. BANYAN solutions built around improving the quality of care experience by leveraging forward-thinking technologies that are easy to use, so hospitals can reduce costs, increase efficiency and compliance, and still offer that much-needed human touch.

Making the Transition

BANYAN works with providers who implement our solutions to ensure success at every step of the way. From assessing the current needs of your facility while allowing for growth, to training, project and change management, and even teleprofessional staffing, we are a one-stop provider for virtual and telehealth solutions.

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