Banyan is more than just virtual nurses

Reduce Costs Across Your Care Spectrum

Banyan isn’t a one-trick pony when it comes to hospital staffing. We can enhance your team’s productivity across the entire continuum of care. Six key virtual roles are offered. Our technology and customer service teams integrate all virtual staff into your day-to-day operations. Patients and staff benefit from consistent, quality experiences, reducing costs and increasing outcomes.

Banyan Virtual Care services include:

Banyan Virtual Safety Companion

Decrease costly falls and increase outcomes

Services include:

  • Safety Monitoring of At-Risk Patients
  • Safety Rounding
  • Staff Safety Monitoring
  • More Focus on Nursing Care for Bedside RN

Just one hospital-related fall injury can cost up to $30,000 (plus damage to your reputation).

Banyan Virtual RN Case Manager

Decrease length of stay and readmissions

Services include:

  • Discharge Planning and Readiness
  • Post-Discharge Resource Planning
  • Post-Discharge Placement and Transport
  • Coordination Participation in Interdisciplinary Rounds
  • Case Management Specialist On-Site Supports Virtual Team
  • Patient Stay Facilitation and Coordination
  • Observation Status Management
  • Patient Education (Home Self-Care)

Banyan Virtual Transitional Care

Lower readmission rates

Services include:

  • Post-Discharge Phone Call Within 48 Hours
  • Additional Post-Discharge Follow-Up for Medium and High-Risk Patients
  • Documentation of Services in Hospital EMR
  • Readmission Risk Mitigation Interventions

Banyan Virtual Licensed Social Workers

Increase patient health and satisfaction

Services include:

  • Discharge Planning Support
  • Patient Psychosocial Assistance
  • Patient Caregiver Need Assistance
  • Discharge Self-Care socioeconomic Assistance
  • Referrals for Post-Acute Care Services
  • Coordination of DME and Home Needs
  • Coordination of Family Meetings

Banyan Virtual Intensivist

Improve patient outcomes

Services include:

  • Daily Multidisciplinary Rounding
  • Respond 24/7 Orders
  • Results Management
  • Consult on New Admissions
  • 24/7 Critical Care Consultation
  • Ventilator Management
  • Vasopressor Adjustments
  • Diuresis Management
  • Orders Management
  • Sepsis Surveillance
  • Extend and Augment the Care of Specialists

Cost effectively augment your nursing staff today.

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