Rural Hospitals Face
Unique Challenges

Innovative solutions are needed to cut costs and improve efficiency


Current challenges in the rural healthcare industry are forcing hospital leadership to seek innovative ways of streamlining workflow and patient care.

As staff shortages and burnout rates increase alongside labor cost and operating expenses, healthcare facilities need to look for solutions to continue operating efficiently and cost-effectively, while still maintaining a high level of patient care.


While these issues are affecting all healthcare facilities, rural healthcare facilities face many unique challenges, including:

  • A significant number of rural hospital closures, increasing year over year
  • Difficulty reaching and attracting patients due to distance, leading to rural patients receiving less consistent care and often having more serious medical issues than urban populations
  • Lower adoption of telehealth services, partly due to low home internet availability relative to urban populations


Within the hospital ecosystem, there are many areas of expenditure that feel unavoidable in order to maintain a high level of care.  Nursing is one key area, which often includes costly expenses such as travel RN costs, new hire training due to turnover and overtime labor.  Some numbers that highlight the need for innovative nursing solutions include:

  • One-fifth of RNs nationally are projects to leave the healthcare workforce by 2027
  • 46% of RNs who have recently left the workforce state unmanageable workloads as a major factor in their resignation
  • Collaborative virtual nursing programs have reduced first-year RN turnover rates by upwards of 70%


Banyan offers hospitals one great way to alleviate this strain by providing virtual nursing services to augment hospitals’ current nursing staff.  Our highly trained, top-of-license nurses can take on a wide range of tasks to allow in-hospital nurses to do the work they find fulfilling and engaging.  This helps to reduce turnover and burnout and can save hospitals significant costs while improving patient outcomes and HCAHPS scores.

As the pioneer in virtual nursing, Banyan has both the experience and staffing to help you implement and sustain this innovative healthcare solution.  We pride ourselves on three key benefits we provide:

  • A critical mass of qualified and experienced RNs
  • Innovative technology
  • Hands-on setup and training

Our partners at Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes, Indiana, show just how helpful Banyan’s Virtual Care Model can be.


Challenge: Understaffed and Over Budget


In partnership with Banyan, client achieved full staffing just nine months after program launch while reducing premium labor expense.

Net Staffing Model Savings of $26,645 per bed per year

Major Impact Across Financial, Operational, Staffing, and Outcomes Metrics

Net Improvement
Per Bed Per Year


“Our nurses only want to work on Banyan floors.”

“I love being able to take lunch and leave on time while feeling like I made a bigger difference for my patients.”

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