MarinHealth, BANYAN Provide Video Monitoring to Protect Patients from Falls


Omaha, NE,September 17, 2019– BANYAN Medical Systems announced today that MarinHealth, located just north of San Francisco, California, recently went live with its AURA Fall Prevention solution, which is designed to help prevent patient falls and reduce patient interruptions by providing real-time patient monitoring with cameras and microphones.

“We couldn’t be happier with our decision to partner with our friends at BANYAN Medical Systems, they are leaders in patient-centric digital and virtual care solutions, said MarinHealth chief nursing officer, Karin Reese.  “BANYAN’s AURA Fall Prevention platform is showing immediate results helping prevent falls and improving our ability to provide the highest quality patient care possible.”

One of the most dangerous situations for a patient is a fall, which can result in severe injuries, or even death, and create significant liabilities for hospitals.  BANYAN’s AURA Fall Prevention platform helps prevent patients from falling with the use of a centralized patient monitoring center which enables the nursing staff to monitor multiple patient rooms with a camera and microphones to communicate directly with the patient.  The digital solution is scalable and has the ability to add additional virtual nursing solutions.

“MarinHealth is a leader in providing patients with the safest, highest-quality healthcare possible for the community they serve,” said Jolinda Lambert, senior vice president of strategic development at BANYAN Medical Systems.  “By integrating our AURA Fall Prevention solution with their care plan, MarinHealth leadership is taking another major step into the future of innovative healthcare and transforming the way they care for patients.  Our patient monitoring solution is helping the hospital become more efficient and creating an even safer place for patients by giving the nursing staff the tools they need to perform at the highest levels.”

In addition to helping prevent falls, the AURA Fall Prevention solution helps reduce the number of patient interruptions allowing for a better night’s sleep.  The system provides peace of mind for patients and loved ones, improves staff utilization, and reduces annual operational losses and liability.  In addition, the AURA Fall Prevention solution puts additional eyes on patients with self-harm tendencies, provides night shifts with enhanced patient coverage, and improves nursing staff efficiencies.

MarinHealth initially equipped its medical unit and single occupancy rooms in the cardiac specialty and surgical units with BANYAN’s video monitoring system.  The hospital has plans to expand monitoring coverage later this year. 

In addition, MarinHealth recently went live with BANYAN’s Virtual Case Management and Virtual Social Work solutions in its single occupancy cardiac specialty and surgical units.  BANYAN is providing training for the hospital’s case management team, social work team and assistant unit managers.  BANYAN is helping hospital staff manage the change curve that comes with integrating the new systems.  The Virtual Case Management and Virtual Social Work solutions will improve communication workflow between nurses and case managers.  MarinHealth believes the new systems will help reduce readmission rates and length of stays.


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