Join us and see how BANYAN can help with your HCAHPS


Kate Hrnicek, Director of Strategic Accounts

If your organization is not improving at a rate that is faster than 50% of the rest of the nation, you are actually on a downhill trend. Value based purchasing (VBP) is not going away. The bar is set higher each and every year. We know VBP is working because we have seen major improvements in all HCAHPS composites, across the nation, since it’s inception.

It’s not easy to improve patient experience for better HCAHPS, higher reimbursements and a better reputation. Our nurses and staff are already stretched thin. Asking them to be quick and ready at a moment’s notice, but also courteous, empathetic and attentive feels like an impossible balance.

We have seen the results from methods that work, however we all know how difficult they are to maintain consistently., Banyan has a disruptive innovation to share with you that is making a HUGE difference in scores. It is so important we remember to connect to our purpose for being in healthcare, to make a difference in the lives of each and every patient we serve.

Please join BANYAN for an interactive session specifically around HCAHPS on the journey of continuous improvement. The webinar is on June 20th at 1pm CST.

Kate Hrnicek is BANYAN’s Director of Strategic Accounts. She is responsible for educating, training, and building relationships with clients while supporting our strategic product development in this ever-changing healthcare environment.