How Virtual Nurses Ease Staffing and Logistics


Staffing and logistics have been pain points for hospitals and the healthcare industry, as a whole. Hiring more people, or creating specialized teams without adequate support can increase costs and potentially risk lowering the quality of care for patients. Giving existing RNs more tasks or patients to monitor will hasten the burnout rate. With the addition of virtual nurses, hospitals can ease both staffing and logistics while increasing the quality of care and reducing expenses.

Virtual Nurses Provide Solutions

Virtual nurses offer a number of solutions to staffing challenges in the hospital setting. Virtual nurses can assist in monitoring beds and at-risk patients to help streamline and focus tasks for RNs. The surveillance provided by virtual nurses gives added constant coverage and improves response times. Additionally, nurses can form specialized teams and give better quality care to a higher number of patients at once without experiencing burnout. There is improved communications between doctors and nurses, added education for patients and their families, and virtual nurses can assist with both admissions and discharges. As a result, HCAHPS ratings greatly improve. The implementation of virtual nurses allows hospitals to save money across the board for staffing, hiring, training, and scheduling, to reduce expenses and increase revenue.

Innovative Change for the Better

Virtual nurses, teleprofessionals, patient monitoring stations, and other integrated technology are improving staffing and logistics at hospitals across the United States. BANYAN is the leader in transforming staffing and logistics models for hospitals to lower costs, ease staffing and nurse satisfaction, and improve quality for patients across the continuum of care. We assess the needs of hospitals, handle change management, and implement virtual nurses and more to ensure a smooth transition and improved results across the board. Virtual nurses alone can overcome staffing and logistics challenges in the hospital environment, and provide a more sustainable workflow for the long run.

At BANYAN, we believe solutions should not just benefit one small aspect of the healthcare industry, which is why our approach is designed to benefit patients, nurses, logistics, budgets, and everything in between. To learn more about how virtual nurses can benefit your hospital, contact the experts at BANYAN today.