How Teleprofessionals Benefit the Healthcare Industry


The healthcare industry is facing a number of pressures in the form of budgetary and staffing constraints, drug diversion, and a rising number of patients. Teleprofessionals and integrated technologies are leading the way to offset these pressures and benefit the healthcare industry across the board.

Teleprofessionals and Staffing

Our hospitals are understaffed and cannot provide the quality of care that patients need. Different methods and staff configurations have been tried in the past, and the results have still led nurses taking on more tasks, increased burnout, and a higher turnover rate. By using teleprofessionals, a lot of the burden is taken off of existing staff. Teleprofessionals, such as virtual nurses, can monitor patients and even assist with onboarding new nurses, admissions, and discharges. This means teams can be streamlined, nurses can cover more beds, and the overall quality of care can be improved. Additionally, nurses and facilities end up with the time and resources to get the training needed to keep up with advances in healthcare.

Drug Diversion and Education

Drug diversion and patient education are also two major pain points within the healthcare industry. Teleprofessionals can ensure drugs are dispensed safely and securely with trackable barcodes, monitoring, and more to greatly reduce drug diversion in the hospital setting. What’s more, teleprofessionals can educate patients and loved ones about care following discharge, what specific medications accomplish, and how to handle diagnoses for the long-term. Teleprofessionals can reduce drug diversion while they simultaneously provide education and reassurance to patients and their loved ones to reduce readmissions after discharge.

Alleviating Budgetary Pressures

All of the above issues are intrinsically tied to budgets. Teleprofessionals help to reduce budgetary strains on staffing, security, and monitoring. Staff can focus on patient care and increase qualitative values. The cost of maintaining, educating, and retaining staff decreases with the implementation of teleprofessionals and integrated technologies. In the end, the healthcare industry can resolve the equation between expenses and revenue by taking advantage of the many benefits offered by teleprofessionals.

BANYAN is the national leader in teleprofessionals and integrated technologies to bring the healthcare industry into the next generation of quality care and alleviate the aforementioned pressures for decades to come. Contact BANYAN today to learn more about teleprofessionals and how they can benefit your facility and the healthcare industry at large.