Banyan Medical Solutions Virtual Nurse, the pioneer in virtual care

Being First is More Than an Honor

Banyan was the first to invent a virtual care model
(and we haven’t slowed down one bit since).

It’s important to know, Banyan Medical isn’t new to the virtual care industry. We were there when it began. Opening our doors in 2009, Banyan brought a new way to work to hospitals with greater and greater success over time.

Being first has given us a distinct advantage over others that have come in our wake. The insights and innovation learned since day one have helped sharpen our model. Today, as the labor market tightens and Covid strains workers and systems, Banyan continues to push our model to new levels of productivity for the hospitals we serve.

Empowering Healthcare Leaders: Innovative Solutions for a Productive Nursing Workforce

In today’s healthcare landscape, securing and retaining qualified nursing staff presents a significant challenge. These staffing challenges demand innovative solutions and Banyan Virtual Care offers a powerful solution, providing you with a readily scalable pool of highly skilled virtual nurses.

Measurable Results, Every Day. By partnering with Banyan Virtual Care, healthcare facilities experience a range of tangible benefits. We empower your nurses to focus on high-acuity care, optimize patient outcomes, and enhance the overall patient experience – all while reducing hospital readmission rates.

Our team is big, nimble, and growing fast. We have 700+ nurses on staff in our virtual nursing hubs in Omaha, NE and Tampa, FL.

It all adds up in your bottom line.​

The Banyan blended care model of augmenting with virtual nurses is a proven business model with industry-leading support and change management. It works seamlessly with your existing staff to improve financial, patient and staff outcomes. It will help you:

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