financial savings

Banyan’s virtual care optimizes labor and quality.

Impressive Cost Savings in a Time of Crisis

Banyan’s virtual care and support model is a time-proven answer to the unsustainable costs of working understaffed. First in the market and perfected over years of partnership with hospitals, our blended care model substantially lowers labor costs and the mounting costs of turnover in these challenging times and beyond.

Highly Productive Staffing to Reduce Severe Financial Burdens

The Financial Burden of Nursing Shortages is Clear
  • Total supply of RNs decreased by more than 100,000 (2020 to 2021)
  • Hospitals chronically operate on thinnest nurse staffing margins
  • Higher patient loads are associated with higher readmission rates
  • High patient-to-nurse ratios are associated with nurse burnout
Banyan Virtual Sitters Model Cost Savings
  • 80% reduction in 1:1 Sitter costs
  • 50% reduction in patient falls
  • 100% monitoring of patients in need of 1:1

Addressing the shortage of nurses is no small matter.

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