Employee Health and Wellness


Anthony Finkral, Marketing Coordinator

At BANYAN, we are serious about employee health and wellbeing. We have recently rolled out an on-site gym and healthy drink and snack options.

Our on-site gym is located at our headquarters in Omaha, NE. All of our employees have access to use the gym when they want. The great thing about BANYAN is that we have a flexible schedule allowing for a gym break throughout the day. Most of our employees use the gym over their lunch break.

We have also been stocking our fridge with healthier drinks. We have more options instead of just soda. We have pure fruit juice, tea, and sparkling flavored water stocked regularly. BANYAN also stocks the break room with healthy snacks such as fruits and protein bars.

So why focus on Health and Fitness?

According to Forbes: Healthy employees can function more efficiently than unhealthy employees. As your employees develop healthy lifestyles, they’ll be able to do more work — and better work. The productivity boost has to be balanced against the time it takes to create a healthy lifestyle.

Here are benefits of having an onsite gym:

  • Happier employees. Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body. That feeling can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook on life.
  • Healthier employees. 30–45 minutes of exercise a day will be useful to your health. Something as simple as walking daily will give your body benefits.

On a personal note:

I have been working at BANYAN for almost 2 years. I was very excited when our CEO, Tony Buda, announced the plans for an on-site company gym and our focus on employee health. I think the benefits are endless and it is great working for a boss who cares this much about his employees.

What our employees are saying.

I recently interviewed BANYAN employees to hear what they have to say about our gym. Pictured above are Eric, Jennifer, and Chelsea.

What were your first thoughts on BANYAN’s on-site gym?

Great, now I have a place to work out during my lunch break. I liked the idea of being able to work and walk on the treadmill at the same time. -Jennifer

When I first started, it was a huge bonus. Saves me time that I can work out over lunch and not have to after work. -Eric

Why is having an office gym important to you?

So many health benefits you can’t even count them. Having a workplace that values and sponsors that makes it more obvious to me that this is a place I should be working. It aligns with our values. -Jennifer

Because I sit, and I need to be able to combat that. I like to be on my feet moving. This gives me a break from sitting and I enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Boosts your energy and in turn, gives you more motivation. A better mindset. Our company is a part of healthcare and our employees should strive to be healthier.-Chelsea

How cool is it that you work at a company that offers its employees a free gym?

It’s nice to be a part of a company that cares about its employees and put in things they want. -Eric

I think it is awesome. Not everybody has an opportunity like this at their office. We are a small company and the fact that we have a gym is awesome. -Jennifer



Anthony Finkral is BANYAN’s Marketing Coordinator. He is responsible for setting and delivering the marketing vision for BANYAN.