Dr. Zubin of ZDoggMD Tours BANYAN’s Virtual Platform at MarinHealth


Last week, Dr. Zubin of ZDoggMD streamed a live event as he toured MarinHealth to see how BANYAN’s virtual platform is being used to monitor, treat, and educate patients. Dr. Zubin interviewed Karin Reese, CNO for MarinHealth and took a deep dive into how virtual nurses and monitoring stations are improving the workflow for care teams, while also enhancing the quality of care patients receive.

Dr. Zubin covered a number of critical topics that people have about teleprofessionals in a hospital setting. Because ZDoggMD is constantly exploring how technology can be leveraged to improve interactions between patients and providers, one of the first things he looked at was how BANYAN enhances care teams. He spoke to Beth Cloyd of BANYAN, as well as members of the care team and virtual nurses, who stated that the virtual platform frees up resources with increased coverage, and how the addition of a virtual nurse allows the care team to have more touchpoints and in-person engagement.

MarinHealth has seen a reduction in falls and readmissions due to the integration of virtual nurses, and they will be going beyond their care team to adopt BANYAN’s virtual platform for hospitalists as well.

This presentation is a must-see for anyone interested in how BANYAN’s Virtual Solutions work to help both providers and patients.

Check it out here: