Covid-19 Update

Staying Healthy to Serve Others

Staying Vigilant to Provide 24/7/365 Care

Banyan Medical Solutions is following COVID-19 health guidelines so that our teams of Virtual Nurses and Virtual Sitters are available to provide expert 24/7/365 care for the hospitals we serve. Banyan adheres to CDC safety recommendations for wearing masks, maintaining hygiene practices, testing and quarantining after virus-related exposure or illness.

nurse wearing protective gear

Banyan Brings Relief to Healthcare Heroes in Crisis

The Situation

Hospital employees are stressed more than ever. After battling surge after surge of the coronavirus strains for more than two years, physically exhausted and emotionally drained hospital nurses have quit to take less stressful jobs.

The resulting nursing shortage has only added more layers of stress. Traveling nurses, hired at a high cost to hospital systems and the morale of staff nurses, have compounded the feelings of angst and burnout.

The Solution

Virtual Nurses and Virtual Sitters from Banyan Medical Solutions provide hospitals with desperately needed staffing resources. Results from 56,000 consults show significantly improved nurse satisfaction, as well as quantifiable cost savings for employers.

Banyan Provides Improved Nurse Satisfaction and Hospital Savings

Reduction in RN Turnover
0 %
Reduction in RN Contract Labor
0 %
Reduction in RN Overtime
0 %
Reduction in Readmissions
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