BANYAN presents the “2018 Annual PLM Summit”


On February 20th and 21st, BANYAN had its annual PLM Summit. And, to create excitement about the product roadmap that we are working towards. The theme of the summit was LEAN, MEAN, & AGILE

The PLM Summit was a two-day event. The first day, we had the opportunity to listen to 3 keynote speakers at Metropolitan Community College (Nebraska) followed by a tour of their CAET facilities.

Drew Bonfiglio – Design Thinking
Eric Reichwaldt – Agile Thinking
Ken Moreano & Traci Hancock – Introduction to Lean Startup

The second day took place at BANYAN. This day focused on workshops from all the departments at BANYAN and how each part of the company plays a vital role in the future we are moving towards. We followed up the 2nd day at Dave & Busters for awards and teambuilding fun.