Banyan Pledges $1 Million to Enable over 100 Rooms with Virtual Care

Banyan's revolutionary virtual nursing and virtual care technology provides end-to-end solution for hospitals.


Banyan’s TAP4H program protects medical staff from Covid-19 while providing best possible care to patients

Omaha, March 20, 2020Banyan Medical Systems, a next generation healthcare services delivery and technology company, today announces its Telehealth Aid Program for Hospitals (TAP4H). The program is Banyan’s philanthropic program to enable isolation patients in hospitals to receive optimal care, while providing protection to the hospital staff treating them.

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis is requiring hospitals to look for new and creative solutions to treat patients during this pandemic. Hospital staff are under pressure to balance patient care with protecting themselves and those they serve; and at the same time, managing their personal responsibilities with children home from school or self-quarantined loved ones. This crisis exacerbates the existing nursing shortage and complicates patient care with need to minimize physical contact.

Banyan will supplement local hospital staff with virtual professionals and provide technology to enable new use-cases. Many hospitals are currently dealing with an influx of patients and expect the surge to continue over the next several months.  The COVID-19 crisis demands minimal contact between patients and staff, which introduces telemedicine as an asset to decrease the risk of infection and benefit the public.

“These are extraordinary times with extraordinary challenges. I am pleased the virtual healthcare solutions provided by Banyan Medical Systems enable us to take the lead in caring for our community, and rise-up to help hospitals and the communities they serve overcome the COVID-19 crisis,” said Tony Buda, CEO, Banyan Medical Systems.

Through the TAP4H program, Banyan is offering its platform to hospitals dealing with Covid-19 patients or suspected cases, specifically to enable isolation and treatment. Through this program these facilities can provide the best care for their patients through use of Banyan’s virtual medical staff, high-fidelity two-way video communication capabilities and healthcare-specific task coordination technology.

MarinHealth, one of Banyan’s partners located north of San Francisco, is using telehealth to remotely treat and triage Coronavirus patients due to concerns about spreading the virus inside the hospital. Using Banyan’s telehealth services, MarinHealth monitors Covid-19 patients remotely, from out-of-state medical call-centers and from virtual nursing stations within the walls of the hospital itself. 

“MarinHealth has been using the Banyan platform for Case Management and Fall Prevention, but COVID-19 has caused us to expand the functionality so providers can treat patients while reducing their exposure.  This fast-moving requirement for telehealth access is essential for health systems to continue to be able to provide safe care across the nation,” said Karin Reese, CNO of MarinHealth.

During the first phase of the TAP4H program, Banyan pledges a $1 million investment to enable 100 isolation rooms across 20 hospitals in the United States.  As needs continue to arise, Banyan will consider expanding the program into subsequent phases. Approved and participating hospitals will receive hardware, software, installation services and virtual care services at no cost for up to 5 rooms for 3 months. From program approval to go-live and treating patients can happen in as few as 14 days.

Banyan, the leader in acute-care telemedicine, wants to respond to this crisis by providing these critical hospital telehealth capabilities at no cost through the TAP4H program. For more information call 402-926-0431 or email

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Banyan Medical Systems is a next generation care delivery services and technology company focused on improving patient outcomes and lowering the cost of healthcare for hospitals nationwide. Banyan currently enables over one third of the nation’s healthcare systems with technology that integrates systems across the enterprise, combined with high-fidelity two-way communication that harmoniously joins local hospital staff with virtual medical professionals to provide the best patient care, at the point of need, wherever it is required; thus driving up efficiency and improving patient health and satisfaction.

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