See how BANYAN is helping during the COVID-19. Here is what we are doing to help our clients and hospitals.

Virtual Care Assistance Program for COVID Pandemic

Fast Track your Virtual Care Assistance Program

The BANYAN Virtual Care platform enables bedside and virtually-integrated nurses and physicians to monitor and communicate with patients in all patient rooms including isolation rooms. This assistance program offers BANYAN’s Virtual Care
platform at no cost for three months to a select number of Covid-19 patient rooms and at a significant discount for all additional patient rooms.

Sustainable Virtual Care Features for the Pandemic and Beyond

  • Nurses and physicians can monitor and communicate with patients using workstations outside the patient room
  • Sessions between the care team and patient rooms are secure, not recorded, and HIPAA compliant
  • Patients can request services from the virtual provider via a button on the patient’s pillow speaker
  • Supplemental virtual staff is available 24/7 from BANYAN’s Digital Hospital SYNC to augment all care team roles including nurses, case managers, social workers and safety companions.

Sustainable Virtual Care Benefits for the Pandemic and Beyond

  • The Bedside Care Team members, including nurses and physicians, have remote access to patients, ensuring their protection and reducing the need for PPE
  • BANYAN’s Virtual Nurse Call service answers patient TeleNurse calls and ensures follow-thru for patient safety and comfort
  • Virtual Safety Companions are immediately available to monitor all at-risk fall patients. Labor availability of sitters no longer determines which patients are monitored for safety.
  • Transitional Care Management service provides continuity of care after discharge for 29 days

Virtual Care Assistance Program for Covid-19 Pandemic

For over ten years BANYAN Medical Systems has been the industry
leader virtualizing care services for hospitals around the country by
leveraging innovative technology and workforce management
solutions. For hospitals with Covid-19 patients BANYAN offers our
Virtual Care Assistance Program. Through this program organizations
can provide the best care experience for patients, family and care
team members with improved safety, efficiencies and comfort.

Virtual Clinical Care Platforms

Virtual Care Program

BANYAN provides the best next-generation acute and post acute care delivery services, innovative technologies and workforce solutions focused on improving client outcomes and lowering operational cost nationally. BANYAN enables over one-third of the nation’s healthcare systems with technology integrating systems across the enterprise. Our system efficiently joins local care team members with virtual clinical professionals to provide patient-centric care wherever it is required; thus driving clinical workflow efficiency and improving patient and staff satisfaction.

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