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Begin transforming your Health System today. With general information about your Health System we can predict your estimated annual savings.

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The data used to project your estimated savings is based on Medicare Data from 2015 Medicare SAF (1/1/2015 - 12/31/2015) and is provided by Definitive Healthcare.



  • Simplistic, flexible screen layouts, coupled with advanced viewing tools improving flow of information and preventing unnecessary delays during procedures
  • Integrate devices (regardless of manufacturer) and access all IT applications, video controls, audio controls and customized content in a single display
  • Change the content of displays in real time
  • Eliminate all barriers and streamline workflow efficiency


  • Seamlessly collaborate with specialists from across the hall, or across the country
  • Enables everything from the most basic content sharing to the most state-of-the-art teaching environment
  • Interactive viewing tools, annotations and displays allow peers, students, patients and colleagues to share information


  • Single-button room setup
  • One-touch button allows for configuration of remote room for teaching and observation
  • User-friendly camera integration pans, tilts and zooms for optimized remote visualization
  • Customized views and notifications ensure all team members are in the know, regardless location
  • Real-time, care coordination saves you thousands of footsteps and phone calls


CEO Levers
  • The platform is designed to adapt and scale to your changing needs
  • Implementation can begin with a single room, and expand as new projects or use cases arise
  • The BANYAN platform spans not only a single room type, but can also be configured across multiple departments, or entire health systems