See how BANYAN is helping during the COVID-19. Here is what we are doing to help our clients and hospitals.
TAP4H Initiative-v2

Leverage Telehealth Now & Pay Later
Virtual Patient Care in 30 Days*

*after CARES Act application approved

Fast Track your Telehealth Solutions now

For over ten years BANYAN Medical Systems has virtualized care services for hospitals around the country. We are now offering our virtual platform to hospitals dealing with Covid-19 patients or suspected cases, specifically to enable isolation and treatment. Through this program, facilities can provide the best care for their patients through the use of BANYAN’s clinical care platform, high-fidelity
two-way video and healthcare-specific task coordination technology.

How BANYAN Virtual Care works in the hospital?
  • Medical Staff interacts with patients from workstations outside the room
  • More centralized “medical specialists” in hospitals can interact with patient as needed
  • Less in-room visits with more patient interaction through our platform
  • BANYAN’s digital hospital professionals can supplement on-site staff
Why BANYAN Virtual Care in the hospital room?
  • Reduce hospital staff exposure risk
  • Reduce the use of personal protection equipment
  • Enable supplemental virtual care services when needed
What we are delivering:
  • In room: BANYAN Bridge with two-way audio-video communication
  • In hospital: Workstation software for healthcare provider for patient interaction
  • Hardware and software installation services and on-going support
Optional Features:
  • BANYAN’s virtual clinical staff (nurses, safety companions, case managers, social workers)
  • Healthcare-specific task coordination technology (enabled by its Enterprise Workflow Manager software)
Banyan Medical is your partner providing the virtual solutions you need! More importantly, we are providing a virtual care and telemedicine platform with no upfront costs to eligible hospitals notified of a funding award from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) COVID-19 Telehealth Program. Through June 31, 2020, we have emergency pricing and terms for our telehealth programs. We are
offering 5 free rooms plus emergency pricing of $150 per room, per month for each additional patient room. Banyan has enabled over 500 rooms with virtual care during this emergency throughout the US.
TAP4H Initiative-v2

Our Technology

Banyan is on a mission to provide the best next-generation medical care delivery services and telecare technology focused on improving patient outcomes and lowering the cost of healthcare for hospitals nationally. We currently enable over one-third of the nation’s healthcare systems with technology that integrates systems across the enterprise, combined with high-fidelity two-way communication that harmoniously joins local hospital staff with virtual medical professionals to provide the best patient centric care, at the point of need, wherever it is required; thus driving up efficiency and improving patient health and satisfaction.

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Banyan helps you navigate the application process!

Expand your use of telehealth in the acute care and post-acute care setting to provide lower cost care with higher quality outcomes throughout the continuum of care.

We provide the expertise you need to apply for the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funds.

Take advantage of paying later for the imminent virtual solutions now! Funds will expire June 31, 2020. Act Now to get a solution in place.

TAP4H Initiative-v2
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for the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funds