TAP4H Initiative

Telehealth Aid Program for Hospitals (TAP4H)

BANYAN is donating hardware, software, and staff for a limited time and for a limited number of hospitals in need

BANYAN’s TAP4H initiative protects medical staff from COVID-19 while providing the best possible care to patients

TAP4H Initiative

The COVID-19 crisis is requiring hospitals to look for new and creative solutions to treat patients during this pandemic. Hospital staff are under pressure to balance patient care with protecting themselves and those they serve; and at the same time, managing their personal responsibilities with children home from school or self-quarantined loved ones. This crisis exacerbates the existing nursing shortage and complicates patient care with need to minimize physical contact.

Why BANYAN telehealth in the hospital room?

  • Protect hospital staff from getting sick
  • Provide more hours per patient day
  • Reduce the demand of personal protection equipment
  • Enable remote services when needed

How BANYAN telehealth works in the hospital?

  • Nurses and physicians can interact with patients from workstations outside the room
  • More centralized “medical eyeballs” in the hospitals can interacted with patient when needed
  • Less physical touch and in-room visits requires less PPE changes
  • BANYAN’s digital hospital professionals can supplement on-site staff

What we are delivering:

  • In room: BANYAN Bridge with two-way audio-video communication
  • In hospital: Workstation software for healthcare provider for patient interaction
  • Hardware and software installation services and on-going support


  • BANYAN’s virtual medical staff (delivered from its digital hospital Sync)
  • Healthcare-specific task coordination technology (enabled by its Enterprise Workflow Manager software)
TAP4H Initiative

Our Technology

BANYAN currently enables over one third of the nation’s healthcare systems with technology that integrates systems across the enterprise, combined with high-fidelity two-way communication that harmoniously joins local hospital staff with virtual medical professionals to provide the best patient care, at the point of need, wherever it is required; thus driving up efficiency and improving patient health and satisfaction.

“MarinHealth has been using the Banyan platform for Case Management and Fall Prevention, but COVID-19 has caused us to expand the functionality so providers can treat patients while reducing their exposure.  This fast-moving requirement for telehealth access is essential for health systems to continue to be able to provide safe care across the nation,” said Karin Reese, CNO of MarinHealth.

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