Corridor Procedural

Enabling seamless access to all patient data

BANYAN will exceed the expectations of healthcare providers when they experience the features of Corridor Procedural. Corridor Procedural is a revolutionary display platform which integrates multiple sources of patient information including visualization, video, IT applications and room controls into a single intuitive user interface.

As the name implies, Corridor provides the path of access to all of a client’s needs in a healthcare environment by equipping them with a platform that ushers maximum efficiency into their respective departments. Corridor Procedural has the flexibility to be as unique as each patient, giving operating rooms and laboratories a competitive edge.

Corridor™ can leverage existing resources, regardless of vendor, in operating rooms, hybrid rooms, interventional radiology labs, Cath/EP labs and consult and patient rooms. Whether your need is care planning or education, Corridor is the gateway to comprehensive, timely and accurate patient information.


  • Advanced viewing tools and flexible screen layouts
  • Real-time updates, communication, and video
  • Integrate devices and access IT applications
  • Share information with other users across multiple devices
  • Simple, single-button room setup
  • User-friendly camera that pans, tilts and zooms for optimized remote visuals
  • Customizable views and notifications for team members
  • Configure content and video into teaching environments from a remote room with one-touch button
  • Adaptable and scalable platform when there is a growth in projects
  • Use marker tool on images to pinpoint areas of the body being worked on

Providers are finding more consistency when transferring information with Corridor Procedural. Corridor spans not only a single room, but can be configured for multiple department settings or entire healthcare environments. Corridor Procedural can combine different labs and procedure rooms without miles of hardwiring to integrate each user. Implementation can begin in a single room and expand with ease when new projects or cases arise.

Providers have noted that the capabilities and ease of use for the end user have been a massive advantage to their level of care. Providers no longer need to use multiple monitors to access patient information. Any provider for a single patient will be able to have enough flexibility to access specific information for all departments through one screen. BANYAN hybrid suites and digital healthcare can combine capabilities between radiology, cardiology, operating rooms, and cath labs to improve efficiency. The monitors of the Corridor Procedural have strong visual components that will provide imaging that does not lose quality when being viewed on a screen, even after zooming these images.

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Elevate Patient Care with Corridor Procedural



  • Improve the flow of information and prevent delays during procedures
  • Seamlessly collaborate with specialists from across the hall, or across the country
  • Provide educational opportunities with peers, students, and colleagues with interactive viewing tools and annotations with live feeds to any location, in or out of the hospital
  • Save non-value time by limiting the need for foot travel in facilities and phone calls
  • Immediate flow of information for providers and team members
  • Adapt and scale the platform

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