We guide your transformation

We're committed to your success every step of the way.

We offer everything you need to successfully transform your healthcare system. We collaborate with your healthcare team every step of the way, to ensure our solutions are implemented successfully and realize the most value across your entire healthcare enterprise.

Professional Services

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Project Management

Once you see what's possible, we're here to help you execute.



BANYAN clinical and technical experts help you address potential challenges of your health care system.

We guide you and your team through the planning and design of your care delivery model, including:

Pre-Workflow Mapping

  • Our experience makes pre-workflow mapping clear and valuable.

Future State Design

  • Based on information you provide, we are able to predict your future state based on mild, medium or aggressive implementation models.

Defining Success Metrics

  • Identifying what we can measure in your system makes it easy for us to customize the key performance indicators across your system.



BANYAN helps you coordinate and transform care delivery, department by department.

Through management, staff education, training and IT support, we guide you through every step of implementiation.

Committees Formed

  • Methods are set in place to get buy-in from key stakeholders.

Collaborating on Care Team Definitions

  • The right job descriptions and roles/responsibilities provide you with the right clinical mix.


  • Installation of servers, switches, room cabling, and configuration of endpoints take place.


  • The physical equipment is installed in patient rooms (typically phased), and nursing workstations are installed.



BANYAN’s help your team get up to speed and ready to enact the new clinical design.

Clinical and Technical Training Consultants will ensure all training is complete, to ensure that all users know how to utilize all hardware, software, and process changes.

Project Management


Banyan’s proven methods ensure the transformation of your healthcare system.

The Banyan Project Managers (PMs) are highly experienced and trained to meet and overcome the challenges associated with large-scale technical projects and have clinical expertise in the healthcare industry.

BANYAN's got your back.

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