change management

Banyan knows how to make virtual care work for you.

Industry-leading Change Management

The cost and profit pressures in healthcare today demand that great attention-to-detail be paid when change occurs. Banyan’s unique, time-proven change management system does exactly that when you incorporate our virtual care into your system.

Taking time to get to know your unique needs is key to the success of our change management system. We build custom-for-you plans from conversations with your team and detailed study of how you work. Our experience adds value to the process.

The sum total of our experience and detailed planning is implementation and ongoing management that optimize virtual technologies and the people central to it.  Workflow, staffing, training, technology and staff within your organization work like clockwork to maximize time and investment.

After implementation, we work with you on capturing baseline metrics, optimizing processes and reporting on outcomes. These quality metrics show how well your organization is implementing solutions and adopting the process.

Banyan change management is unparalleled.

Banyan’s change management leadership drives success from day one to deliver the health and productivity outcomes
you want and need. It includes:

Learn why our change management tops the industry.

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