Hello all! Welcome to our blog. You may be asking; who we are, or what we do. We will get to that in a moment. This post is an introduction of Banyan and to give you an idea of what to expect in the future from us. We wanted to start a blog to share with the world our thoughts on healthcare, technology, leadership, and everything in between.

We will have many blog authors that work here at Banyan Medical Systems. They will give you their insights on certain topics as we continue our journey through the blog-sphere! I have been working at Banyan for a little over a month, and I can say that every one here is a genius in their field.

So without further ado, let’s get this blogging started!

We wake up everyday knowing we’ve built a better way to deliver care. Everything we do and say is for the successful transformation of healthcare. Now, it’s time to take our place and to thrive in a culture of loving what we do and being known for the extraordinary value it brings. We are Banyan.


Who we are: Banyan Medical Systems is a dynamic Healthcare IT Solutions
company that is transforming healthcare delivery through its revolutionary
virtual nursing platform.

What we do: We design, develop, implement and support Healthcare IT
Solutions that represent the future tense of what’s possible in healthcare

Why we do it: We wake up everyday knowing we’ve built a better way to
deliver care. Our mission is to realize the the successful transformation of
healthcare, when: nurses will operate at the top of their licenses, patients will
have world-class care, and health systems will exceed today’s financial
requirements and sustainably thrive.

How we do it: Banyan’s Virtual Nursing Solution is revolutionary patient care
technology designed by CNOs who know there’s a better way to deliver care.
We’ve developed a healthcare platform that enables care delivery
transformation by incorporating virtual providers into a care team composed
of the appropriate clinical skill-mix, and facilitates “top of licence” productivity.

The Value We Bring: Banyan’s Virtual Nursing Solution is transforming
healthcare delivery through quantifiable results in: Capital avoidance,
Operational savings, Staffing utilization, Patient Satisfaction, and Clinical

-Anthony Finkral Marketing Coordinator