Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Smart Solutions Designed by CNOs and Clinicians

The BANYAN team is composed of skilled, professional, clinical experts with years of experience in healthcare. We partner with our clients to identify their needs, then develop and implement tailored solutions to help them reach their goals. Our solutions are designed by CNOs and clinicians, and focus on three critical areas:

  • Patient progression
  • Cross-continuum of care coordination
  • Clinical variation

Clinical Consulting

Our Clinical Consulting services design and plan for new models of care delivery and to evaluate the effects those changes can have on a healthcare system. We analyze the facility’s entire environment, providing insights on:

  • Patient engagement
  • Patient and employee satisfaction
  • Quality metrics
  • Staffing optimization
  • Care coordination

Workflow Redesign

BANYAN offers Workflow Redesign services to effectively manage patients, caregivers, and providers to facilitate patient care with efficiency and coordination across the continuum of care.

Change Management

We know that implementing change successfully requires a comprehensive and systematic approach. We also know that every client is unique, and faces their own sets of challenges based on their facilities, people, and the types of changes they are implementing. Our professionals are experts in creating practical plans for change, managing the implementation of new systems, and ensuring communication is open and efficient for the unique needs of each provider. We cover workflow, staffing, technology, and other factors for a comprehensive approach to change

Operational Consulting

BANYAN customizes and implements application and display designs to fit the needs of our clients. Our Application Specialists will fully explore the needs of your staff to determine the applications that need to be integrated into the displays in each area. We will work with your staff to provide the most efficient and effective method to display data in both the command center and in the patient’s room.

Quality Outcomes Programs

Our professionals will work with your customer team to capture baseline metrics, optimize processes, and report on outcomes after the pilot deployment on a monthly basis, up to 120 days or longer if requested. Quality success metrics are indicative of how well the customer organization is able to implement solutions and adopt the process and workflow changes. We assess the following areas of outcomes:

  • Patient safety
  • Staffing optimization
  • Patient engagement
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Physician satisfaction
  • Referrals

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