Company Overview

Posted by BANYAN Medical Systems on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Why We Care


BANYAN Medical Services is innovating digital healthcare with revolutionary solutions for greater care, better patient outcomes, increased efficiency, and lowered expenses. BANYAN has been improving access to patient and treatment information, collaboration between physicians, and streamlining the healthcare process. BANYAN’s solutions and services can be used in varied medical locations from surgical suites to labs.

AURA Virtual Care Delivery Platform has been the keystone solution from BANYAN, leading the pack in transforming healthcare.

Our Mission

BANYAN Medical Services is dedicated to being a leader in transforming healthcare.

Our Core Values

Company Overview


Delivering world-class, innovative healthcare solutions
Company Overview


Dedicated to client success and service by any means necessary
Company Overview


Providing technical and professional excellence
Company Overview


Honoring a tradition of reliability with no excuses