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Banyan Medical Solutions Virtual Nurse, the pioneer in virtual care
Banyan’s virtual nurse team includes 700+ nurses.

Not Just More Nurses, the Right Nurses for Your Team

The cost of working understaffed is so significant, hospitals today often take what they can get staff-wise. Working with nurses with little to no experience and with under-qualified nurses brings challenges. Working fully staffed with Banyan Virtual Nurses has proven to be a better option.

Banyan’s team of 700+ Virtual Nurses augment your nurses and add top-of-license expertise to your team. Hired by Banyan for their experience, compassion and teamwork, our virtual nurses augment (not replace) bedside nurses to improve patient care and reduce staff stress and fatigue.

Freeing up bedside nurses to care for patients.

Banyan Virtual Nurses work seamlessly with bedside nurses to improve overall care and staff productivity. They collect admission data, establish care plans, do chart checks, coordinate discharge and handle post-discharge support.

In addition, Banyan Virtual Nurses answer patient questions and educate patients and their families in face-to-face virtual conversations—an important fact in a day when patient demand for information and updates is high and growing.

The Banyan blended care model:

Our innovative, 24/7 supported technology links Banyan Virtual Nurses to bedside nurses at user-friendly workstations. Working as a team with your team, Banyan Virtual Nurses work to reduce labor costs and improve patient care.

The Banyan blended care model:

Experience makes a difference.

Banyan Virtual Nurses thrive, working off their feet in our nurse-led offices. It’s an attractive environment, especially for nurses mid or near the end of their careers. The result for hospitals that work with Banyan is virtual staff additions with years of knowledge and a enduring passion for patient care.

Experience makes a great teacher too. Veteran Banyan Virtual Nurses make great mentors to hospital nurses new to the profession. They are a great sounding board for care and other questions during a busy and demanding day as well.

Banyan Top-of-License Nursing

Adjustable staffing based on your needs

With Banyan Virtual Care, you can staff up and down based on when your bedside staff needs the most help. Our blended care model is based on productivity, not ratios.


Implement Once, Use Many Times

Improve productivity in:

A far better answer than travel nurses.

Travel nurses have been the stopgap answer for hospitals experiencing staffing shortages. The massive cost and morale problems that result aren’t sustainable. However, Banyan Virtual Nurses is different. It allows you to staff up economically while bolstering morale and lowering turnover.

Travel RNs cost hospitals 62.5% more today than they did in 2020.

The annual average cost difference between travel and staff nurses is $154,180.

Cost effectively augment your nursing staff today.

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