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Banyan is uniquely prepared to help

Talent + Technology + Support

Banyan is the industry leader in virtual care for a reason (or many reasons).  We bring experienced, compassionate staff to your team at a time of great need. Our proven technology connects passionate virtual care professionals to your team in seamless fashion. At the same time, our unique change management system and 24/7 IT support make sure everything operates like a well-oiled machine.

Seamless technology for staff and patient communication supported 24/7

Helpful, informative, face-to-face virtual interactions.

Banyan Virtual Nursing care is delivered to patient rooms through a TV-mounted Banyan Bridge communication camera, built-in speaker and easy-to-use pillow microphone. Installation is non-disruptive and requires just 30 minutes per room with minimal IT setup.

Banyan Virtual Nurses always ask for permission before engaging with a patient. The Rainbow Light on the camera glows red when the system is in use. The camera never records, ensuring patient privacy.

Experienced, team-focused nurses and staff.

Banyan recruits and trains its staff to high standards. Banyan Virtual Nurses are experienced RNs who augment the care of multiple patients using three screens. The screens display the patients’ medical records, a workflow tool to interact with bedside teams and a dedicated screen for patient interaction.

Banyan Virtual Sitters monitor nine to 12 high-risk patients. Their eyes and experience prevent falls, ensure drug compliance, improve response time, and provide patient and staff safety.

Custom and comprehensive.

Banyan starts by getting to know your needs and people. It’s a key first step because it results in workflow solutions, change management strategies and implementation plans that are tailored to your unique needs—big, small or somewhere in between.

Once in operation, Banyan virtual care offers valuable flexibility in use. You can staff up or down based on your need for maximum cost efficiency.

24/7 virtual care. 24/7 support.

Banyan is there for you on day one and all days that follow. Our technical support team is at your disposal 24/7 to ensure a smooth transition and continued assistance.

Optimize operating costs and staff productivity.

If you’d like to speak to a Banyan representative, please call toll-free 866-225-7790.