Aura Fall Prevention

AURA Fall Prevention Solution

Proactively Reduce Falls While Keeping the Costs of Sitters Low

One of the most dangerous situations for a patient is a fall. Falls can result in injuries, or even death, and cause expensive liabilities for nursing facilities. AURA Fall Prevention Platform can prevent traumatic experiences for patients with a centralized patient monitoring center. This centralized patient monitoring center enables a virtual system to monitor multiple patient rooms equipped with cameras and speakers.

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  • Cameras and two-way audio in patient rooms with live-streams to allow monitoring in real time
  • Centralized observation services across the enterprise to put more eyes on your behavioral patients with self-harm tendencies
  • Provides the night shift staff with improved patient coverage via access to room cameras, saving innumerable footsteps
  • Cameras can also be visualized in each individual nursing area, which enables the nurses to visualize patients on their respective unit

Night nurses and sitters can improve patient coverage by using the cameras and microphones installed in rooms to have visibility to all of the patients in their unit from the nursing station. The innumerable footsteps that are saved with the AURA Fall Prevention technology can save a patient’s life. Nurses can finally centralize their observation and give patients a more peaceful stay in their facility. AURA Fall Prevention can also be used when treating behavioral patients with self-harm tendencies by multiple staff members from anywhere in a facility.

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Aura Fall Prevention


  • Improve quality of care of patients
  • Peace of mind for patients and their loved ones
  • Decrease falls, especially falls resulting in injuries
  • Reduce annual operational losses and liabilities
  • Lower cost-per-patient of sitters and nurses
  • Improve staff utilization and reduce annual physical sitter costs

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