Enabling seamless access to all patient data.

Interventional Cardiology and Radiology Suites (Cath/EP/IR)

BANYAN’s Corridor® Virtual Care platform gives you advanced visualization tools, and moves all your lab’s assets from multiple monitors to a singular view. The technology integrates multiple sources of patient information, including visualization, video, IT applications and room controls into a single, intuitive user interface.

Cardiologists and Radiologists have seamless access and interaction with all patient data sources such as labs, digital images and reports. BANYAN designed this solution to transform the way your facility operates, and give your staff unprecedented access, communication and coordination capabilities.



  • Revolutionary visualization at the table side
  • Streamline your entire workflow in the cath lab
  • Simplistic, flexible screen layouts, coupled with advanced viewing tools ensure your providers the best viewing experience possible.
  • For the first time ever, all techs are empowered with distributed control. Each staff member has the same level of visualization functionality from any location that’s required
  • Physicians are able to access their clinic EMR and PACS systems, which improves the flow of information and prevents unnecessary delays.
  • Various customized printing capabilities range from tiled images, landscape/portrait layouts, auto-sizing and multi-image printing


  • Through a virtualized environment, the BANYAN platform enables everything from the most basic content sharing to the most state-of-the-art teaching environment
  • Interactive viewing tools, annotations and displays allow peers, students, patients and colleagues to share information like never before
  • Real-time access to information ensures absolute understanding, which boosts staff productivity, and improves patient outcomes and satisfaction levels at the same time


  • Technologists and Nurses have enough on their plate without the complication of a confusing room setup. BANYAN has designed single-button room setup, and simplifies this process with a single-click for the entire room
  • If teaching is a requirement, the same one-touch button allows you configure remote rooms as well
  • User-friendly camera integration allows the the ability to pan, tilt and zoom for optimized remote visualization
  • The Corridor® platform enables workflow management across the entire enterprise


CEO Levers
  • The flexibility inherent in BANYAN’s platform prevents future costly upgrades that other hardware-based solutions would require
  • BANYAN has an “Uplift” solution for labs that offers incredible ROIs. Upgrade your space with minimal downtime and less revenue loss than typical renovations

Professional Services and Training

  • BANYAN offers an exceptional customer service model with a consultative approach
  • We’re dedicated to your transformation and our team ensures your investment is protected for the long term
  • BANYAN supports your transformation with a pre-and post-installation team, plus an ongoing long-term servicing agreement
  • We provide a detailed on-site training, launch assistance, and a local Field Service Engineer for support and maintenance


"We chose BANYAN because their solution allowed for real-time, touch screen interaction with multiple applications simultaneously. No other vendor has accomplished this functionality in the market. We are able to save countless, valuable minutes to ensure the most effective use of our resources."

~ Gale Wynia, Radiology Director, Sanford USD Medical Center