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Virtual Care Delivery Platform

BANYAN’s revolutionary care delivery platform gives patients, their loved ones, and the entire care-team a critical new dimension of on-demand care. With one touch of a smart screen they have access to a virtual care provider who can answer questions, provide education, review records or x-rays, and coordinate facetime with the patient’s doctor. This frees up front-line nurses to do what they do best – provide exceptional, uninterrupted, hands-on patient care. A new day, and peace of mind, for patients.


The Platform


TV monitors, cameras, microphones and computers, to give patients, their loved ones, and care providers on-demand access to care, with one touch of a smart screen.


Software aggregates relevant patient information, from disparate sources, on a single care provider screen that can be replicated on other care provider screens in any location.


For turn-key implementation and management of solutions such as fall prevention, nursing care teams, physician, pharmacy, etc.

Managed Virtual Staffing

BANYAN offers managed staffing services, such as BANYAN After Hours or BANYAN Coordination Navigation, to augment the hospital’s staff.

Clinical Practices

Virtual Nurse



  • Improve HCAHPS in – communication with nurses, pain management, responsiveness of hospital staff, communication about medications, discharge information, recommending hospital
  • Improved clinical efficiency and communications
  • Improved patient care plan coordination with admissions and discharges
  • Reduced non-value added time such as walking and getting supplies
  • Significant ROI as VN services allow the unit to have leaner staffing model

Virtual Physician



  • Improve HCAHPS – communication with doctors, discharge information, responsiveness of hospital staff, communication about medicine.
  • Able to see more patients (reduce overall cost to hospital).
  • Quicker patient throughput in ED.
  • Improve hospitalist’s work-life balance – reduce non-value-added time which will allow more time for documentation (ex. Discharge summary) and/or assessment of patient.
  • May potentially save some FTEs as hospitalist services are centralized.

Virtual Pharmacist



  • Improve HCAHPS scores in – pain management, communication and educaitons about medication, discharge information, and recommending hospital
  • Reduction in drug diversion by increased patient monitoring and access to information
  • Reduction in readmission and improved medication compliance based on better discharge education
  • RN & MD education on entering the order, dosage adjustments, appropriate drug selections, and availability of cost effective alternatives can prevent delays in providing care.
  • Reduce the phone calls from patients, RNs, and MDs regarding medication issues

Virtual Case Management



  • Improve HCAHPS – discharge information, responsiveness of hospital staff, communication about medicine
  • Better documentation on patient’s case management needs
  • Reduce unanswerable phones by reducing time case manager is out of office
  • Provide additional help in ED and quicker patient throughput
  • May save some RN Social Worker FTEs as RN Case Manager services are centralized

Virtual Sitter



  • Improve HCAHPS in – responsiveness of hospital staff, injury avoidance, overall satisfaction, recommending hospital
  • Improved clinical efficiency and communications
  • Improved patient care plan coordination for patients with fall risk
  • Reduced non-value added time for nurses
  • Bedside RN can spend more time and focus on physical care activities with the VS monitoring fall risk
  • Significant ROI as VS services allow the unit to have leaner sitter staffing model

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What BANYAN can do for you

Winning the war on talent


Deliver the right provider, at the right time, for the right purpose.

Innovative care models designed around BANYAN’s Virtual Care platform enable the RIGHT provider engagement, at the RIGHT time, to engage with patients for the RIGHT purpose. Current models have far too many providers performing tasks below their skill set.

Streamlining care coordination


Coordinate care teams, patients and technology, like never before.

BANYAN’s Virtual Care platform eliminates workflow barriers by bringing the patient and the necessary information to the provider, in a coordinated fashion. Today’s clinical workflows are burdened with unnecessary footsteps and phone calls that lead to significant delivery delays and troublesome coordination.

Achieving your quality goals


Provide exceptional care for exceptional results.

Banyan’s Virtual Care platform enables organizations to achieve quality goals by serving as the care delivery platform across the continuum of care. With quality being at the forefront of reimbursement challenges, having delighted patients and a highly-engaged staff has never been more important. When patients feel a higher-level of dedicated attention by their care team, they are happier. When your nurses are performing duties that align with their training and are surrounded by a team of other highly-engaged care providers, they will deliver exceptional care.

Transitioning to value-based care


Enable quality and efficiency from admission to discharge.

The Banyan’s Virtual Care platform platform delivers the RIGHT provider into the care continuum at the RIGHT time in a coordinated fashion, enabling innovative care model designs that ensure efficiency from admission to discharge.

Solving personnel shortages


Expand coverage in a financially sustainable way.

Banyan’s Virtual Care platform enables the creation of a centralized falls program to decrease the utilization of physical sitters and expand coverage. The BANYAN platform addresses the challenge of how to appropriately observe those at a higher-risk of falling in a financially sustainable way.

Reducing core operating costs


Transform care delivery to impact your bottom line. 

Banyan’s Virtual Care platform is your solution to enable care delivery transformation through innovative models that will directly impact your financial bottom line. The compounding financial impact of maintaining a full staff of nurses, decreasing traveler expenses, maintaining a desired coverage level for your patient census, and achieving quality goals is daunting. There is only one thing that is for certain; the status quo must be challenged. BANYAN’s Virtual Nursing platform is your answer.

Here to help you execute.