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Now, you can choose one platform across your entire continuum of care.

Virtual collaboration with real-time patient care information is a game changer. The decisions you make about technology today will dictate what your health system looks like in 3-5 years. The delivery of care is going to completely eclipse the documentation of care. Be informed and educated to avoid niche products that cost too much, silo departments and fragment care. BANYAN designed one platform to solve multiple issues across your entire continuum of care. We're ready to show you how to transform your unique health system - and begin capitalizing on these features and realizing the benefits of coordinated care, today.



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Find the Most Value

Care Model Design

Defining Success Metrics and Workflow Mapping

Accomplishing Change

Buy-In, Installation, Training

Performance Measurement

Metrics Created and Gathered

Change Management

Support, Checks and Balances

Sustainability Plan

Internal and External Marketing


  • Real-time, bi-directional collaboration, coordination, and education

  • Integration of existing applications (EMR, Patient Education, etc.) into a single ubiquitous viewer

  • Multi-party live video and audio calling

  • Nurse Audio / Video Control

  • Nurse Room Control (Nurse content sharing with patient room)

  • HD Infrared night camera

  • Annotation Tools (dynamic screen layouts, patient status updates, customized patient views)



  • Virtual presence – any bed, any time

  • Higher quality and frequency of direct care interactions with patients

  • Assistance with information tracking and communication

  • Immediate availability of backup and supporting physician orders

  • Appropriate staff utilization (Top of their License)

  • Automate regular and repeatable tasks

  • Real-time communication and documentation

  • Best practice facilitation


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