We guide your transformation.

We're committed to your success every step of the way.

Once you've chosen your BANYAN Platform, we offer everything you need to successfully transform your healthcare system. We collaborate with your healthcare team every step of the way, exceeding your expectations and adding value at every milestone. Collectively, we have more than 1,532 years' experience in healthcare.

We make it our business to understand the everyday challenges you face when caring for patients, meeting the requirements for reimbursements and running a sustainable business. Leveraging our clinical and technical expertise, with your desire to deliver better care at a lower cost, we'll truly transform your health system.

The Programs

  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Performance Measurement
  • Human Resources
  • IT & Infrastructure
  • Care Modeling/Workflow Re-Design
  • Education & Training
  • Marketing Support

The Process



BANYAN Medical Systems guides your leadership team through an initial assessment phase.  

We look at your current state and help identify where you need the most value, such as quality issues, staffing, and financial areas to improve. 


  • Together we discuss your costs/coverage issues associated with open positions, travelers, and nursing shortages.


  • We read your mind and address problem areas, including HCAHPS scores and employee satisfaction levels (nurses operating at the top of their licenses and happy, engaged care teams). 

Length of Stay

  • We'll look at how you can admit new patients quickly and profitably, and improve discharges with pre-discharge education and virtual physicians.


  • Our program design helps you avoid 30/60/90 day penalties.

Care Model Design


BANYAN clinical and technical experts help you address potential challenges of your health system.

We guide you and your team through the planning and design of your care delivery model, including:

Pre-Workflow Mapping

  • Our experience makes pre-workflow mapping clear and valuable.

Future State Design

  • Based on information you provide, we are able to predict your future state based on mild, medium or aggressive implementation models.

Defining Success Metrics

  • Identifying what we can measure in your system makes it easy for us to customize the key performance indicators across your system.

Accomplishing the Change


BANYAN helps you coordinate and transform care delivery, department by department.

Through management, staff education, training and IT support, we guide you through every step of implementiation.

Committees Formed

  • Methods are set in place to get buy-in from key stakeholders.

Collaborating on Care Team Definitions

  • The right job descriptions and roles/responsibilities provide you with the right clinical mix.


  • Installation of servers, switches, room cabling, and configuration of endpoints takes place.


  • The physical equipment is installed in patient rooms (typically phased), and nursing workstations are installed.


  • BANYAN will train your staff on the process and technology - including practice sessions.

Performance Measurement Plan


BANYAN establishes base line success metrics during the needs assessment.

Performance metrics are established and data gathering begins.

Success Metrics Created

  • To improve HCAHPS and NDNQI scores, we collaborate and guide your clinical leadership teams through ongoing assessments and reviews.

Measurements Gathered

  • BANYAN jumpstarts the documentation of progress towards outcomes. 

Change Management


BANYAN checks in at 30-60-90 days to see how your care teams are sustaining the model change. 

We assess how your staff are performing and what areas can be adjusted.

30-60-90 Day Check-Ins

  • We follow up to see if you have questions or concerns. 

Performance Measurement

  • Checks and balances are put in place, scorecard established with ongoing monitoring.

Sustainability Plan


BANYAN's proven methods sustain the transformation of your healthcare system.

Together, we collaborate with policies and practices to ensure the plan continues, including:

Involving Leadership

  • Collaborating with Nursing leadership, HR and BANYAN to provide accountability and oversight.

Internal Marketing

  • Internal evangelizing transforms the culture. 

External Marketing

  • Publicizing your transformation makes you the health system of choice.


BANYAN's got your back.

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